The Four Seasons

Mosaic 068
‘The Four Seasons’

So pleased to be back at work on my mosaic back splash. Today I worked on the unfinished daisy and the area around it. I’m close to finishing this panel, but I’m going to have another look at the Iris’s. There’s a few areas that are not quite right so I may as well redo them now or I won’t be happy! The stems of the poppies are wide grout lines which will be tinted green after it’s grouted. This is my largest mosaic project to date and it has taught me a lot. I have used flowers from my garden in the sequence of Spring and Summer and eventually Autumn/Winter will follow as I slowly make my way around the kitchen! I start by making drawings and paintings of each group of flowers so I’m looking forward to when the garden wakes up so that I can start thinking about what comes next!

I know that this is stretching the boundaries of 30 paintings in 30 days, but the whole concept is about getting into the studio and creating everyday so I hope this counts!

Mosaic 024
‘The Four Seasons’
‘Iris’ Watercolour






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