Love Bird

Mosaic 005
‘Love Bird’ Mosaic Sold

This love bird took a brief visit outside today to be photographed! The substrate is plywood so they are made for indoor decorative use. I do like how the birds look hanging on a tree though, especially when the light catches the reflective glass as they move…must make some for the garden. I make a range of mosaic ornaments Angels/Fairies, Birds, Hearts, Christmas Trees and Stockings etc. All are unique and make special gifts for every occasion. I start with cutting a batch of substrates on a scroll saw. I try and vary the shape of each one a little, especially the angels so they all have unique personalities! I then prepare and seal the surface and leave them to dry for several hours or over night. Then they are ready to mosaic. In this piece, I’ve used Vintage China, Stained Glass, Mirror Glass & Millefiori. Again I leave the ornament overnight to allow the adhesive to dry and the following day, sand the edges, grout and finish the back with two coats of paint, before finishing with a loop and ribbon! The next bird I’m making is a special request for a valued customer who has asked for something “robin like” as a birthday gift for his granddaughter.

I  have made some more progress with my mosaic kitchen  backsplash today. I finished the daisy and will return to work on finishing the background in a little while. I usually prefer to work in natural day light, but because I’m working with only one colour on a straight forward section, I don’t mind. Thankfully as we start to say here in Ireland from around mid January “There’s a grand stretch in the evenings…”!! More on the Four Seasons  tomorrow.




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