Trio of Plums


‘Trio of Plums’ Encaustic on Maple Panel WIP

So it’s safe to say that today did not go according to plan! This is the unfinished, second attempt! I’ll get back to it in the morning with fresh eyes, but I’m fairly happy so far! The maple panels are fabulous to work on, as are ampersand, if only they were available in Ireland!! The medium of encaustic, although ancient is still relatively new to me and already I’m completely hooked! I was introduced to it last August, by the amazing Emily Andress, one of the first Artists in Residence at the gallery. I look forward to welcoming US artists Sheary Clough Suiter & Nard Claar to Listowel for the next residency in March, particularly as Sheary will be the first resident artist working exclusivly with encaustics. Canadian mosaic artist Heather Vollans will follow in April and many more wonderful painters and mosaic artists from as far afield as Australia thereafter! Please follow the Olive Stack Gallery Artists in Residence blog Excira and Delira to keep up to date with the artists.





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