The Four Seasons WIP

thefourseasonsI‘The Four Seasons’
Work in Progress

I started this mosaic with the daffodils on St Patrick’s Day 2014 and I was determined to finish this panel today. So I hit the studio at 10 am and positioned the final piece at 8 pm! I had one or two minor hiccups during the day. As I worked on the last section of background I discovered a ‘grout river’ that I simply wasn’t prepared to live with! So out came my hammer and screwdriver and that section was no more! As I look back on some of the andemento on the earlier sections, I realise just how far I have come! After redoing that part, I had another look at the Iris’s. There were a few areas that I knew I could improve on, so again cue the hammer and screwdriver! I have positioned the photos in order of progress today. It felt very good putting the final tessera in place! The dilemma is will I go ahead and grout tomorrow or get the screwdriver out again! I’m too tired to decide tonight, my back is aching and I’m hungry…it was a good day!

Mosaic 045


To view the entire backsplash so far see my last post on The Four Seasons

Mosaic 075





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