Bundle of Joy

Bundle of JoyBundle of Joy

The 21st of January is a special day, so I’m breaking the rules! Today is my little baby’s 18th birthday!  I painted this portrait when he was probably just a few weeks old, on a rare occasion when he was asleep for long enough!

Tom was born in January ’98 and in December that same year, motivated by this little bundle  I followed my dream and opened the gallery…that’s two babies in one year!  I am blessed to be able to make a living and provide for us both by doing what I love to do. It has been a very busy 18 years filled with lots of highs and also many challenges. The first 10 years were the boom years and life was good, but since then it has been a struggle for small business owners to keep the doors open. We have reinvented ourselves and worked twice as hard for little return. Last week I was chatting to a lovely new customer who purchased one of my prints, she quoted the late great Mary Keane saying if we don’t support small businesses in our town we will no longer have a town…it’s nice to know that Mary’s wisdom is still being heard and followed! I am grateful for the support of family and friends along the way and for my  customers and collectors many of whom I now call friends…couldn’t have done it without you!

I woke this morning to find the first few daffodils flowering in our garden, for the first time ever on Toms birthday (not that he would notice!) I took it as a sign of new beginnings, hope for the future and reward for all the hard work. The message on the birthday card I chose for him says it all ‘So thankful for the special person you grew up to be’…and very proud today and everyday!






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