The Firsts. The Lasts.

Another Artists residency is drawing to a close too soon! Jean’s month is almost up, but on the plus side Laura is staying for another month with Pamela Goode!


13239108_10153649947422503_4252143543781615926_n(written days before I must leave…Lucky Laura is joined by the Intrepid Pam Goode for the month of June!)

It’s a great privilege when you can stay parked in a place long enough to feel it’s rhythms.  And after 30 days in Ireland, I can say,  lovely Listowel has a beat you can dance to.

With time, routines can happen.  Within days of being here, our language shifts from phrases like, “the first time we ever…,” to “we always…”  As in recalling “the first time we met the unofficial ambassador of all things Listowel, Damien Stack…”  To, “I always holler at Damien when I see him outside his shop…I love the joke he tells about the man and the wife….”


From the very first time we saw Olive Stack as we stumbled into town a month ago….to now, fast friends, day tripping around Kerry, joking and planning our next adventure….

From our first distant…

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