Cliffs of Moher: Road Trip!

Pam paints a great picture of our adventures in Co Clare!


Of course we don’t know each other well yet, and still we plunge almost immediately into deep discussions of lives past and present sprinkled with hopes and dreams. Olive asks me what I’d most like to see while in Ireland, and blinks only almost imperceptibly when I name what must be the second largest tourist attraction in the country after the Blarney Stone, the Cliffs of Moher. In a stroke of luck there’s a bank holiday, those European Mondays off that surely have been created to boost the travel industry, and Olive agrees to accompany us if we’ll agree to a morning lie-in first. I’ll let you look that one up.

At the Irish crack of dawn (11 AM), we pile into the car and head for the ferry to cross the Shannon Estuary from County Kerry to County Clare, fingers tickling the rails and hair in gleeful windswept swirls…

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